Wise Steps Travel – First Birthday & Our New Policy



We are very happy to shout out that we are already 1 year old / young!

Last year in November we created the legal body of what today is Wise Steps Travel. Looking back on the first year’s journey of this social travel enterprise, we are incredibly proud of our achievements and very thankful for all the travelers that chose to travel with us because they believe in what we are doing.

We also want to extend our gratitude to all the people, communities, guides and suppliers that are motivated to work with us and that want to be part of the movement for positive change although slowly starting step by step. Collaboration (instead of competition) is the key of success and we want to appreciate that.

For us the first year has been particularly valuable as it has shown us that we are on the right track. That helps us generating motivation and energy for our team for the years to come, especially for our next bigger projects that will be implemented next year, all under the umbrella of TRAVEL FOR KNOWLEDGE !

We are young, full of inspiration and we continue learning about how we can improve and provide responsible tourism experiences for our travelers, our communities and our environment.

As a present to our travelers, our communities, our environment and to our team for the first anniversary we are happy to publish the first official policy on the responsible tourism approach of Wise Steps Travel. 

We want to use the opportunity to share this policy with everyone who is interested to read it, but we also welcome constructive feedback in relation to this policy, as mentioned before we are also not done with learning yet and always open to improvements.

So here we go, feel free to read, share or comment by clicking on our Responsible Tourism Policy

(It can also be found in the section of WHO WE ARE on our website here.)

Again a big THANKS to everyone that has been part of our short journey and hopefully you are still support us for the years to come!


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