Wise Steps Travel is one of the Indonesian pioneers of responsible, educational and accessible travel. Our passion is to organise unique and meaningful experiences where you dive into the real life of a society and all that it has to offer. The occasion of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 was reason for us to start this adventure as we believe it is time to be a driver for positive change within the Indonesian tourism industry to protect the wonderful nature and culture of Indonesia.




My passion to be a wanderer has never stopped since I was a little girl. When I started working in the development sector in my 20’s, I was lucky enough to experience and witness the incredible beauty in many regions of my country. That time had a major impact to the way I am travelling today. I learned that one of the keys for sustainable development is information and education. While formal schools basically exist in every corner of the country, not many regions have the means to access credible and updated information about Indonesia and the world. Then in the last year of working in the tourism education sector, the idea to build this social enterprise eventually arose. I wish that everyone has opportunity to access information, learn about and from each other, be innovative, and dream big while appreciating what they have back home. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opportunity to experience and travel the world so we want to bring you to those beautiful places surrounded by warm loving people and let both visitors and visited communities benefit from each other as well as hopefully inspire each other.


It was already clear to me when I was very young that travelling and experiencing other countries became one of my passions. I was working next to school to finance my journeys. When I finished school I was fortunate enough to spend some months abroad in South America to work as a tour guide. During that meaningful time, I learned how important tourism can be for some regions and how essential it is that tourism development is managed responsibly. That’s when I decided to turn my passion into my professional career and studied Sustainable Tourism Management in Germany. Part of the study course was an internship abroad which I spent in Indonesia and that’s where I fell in love (not only) with the country. After I finished my research about waste in tourism, I was working for more than two years in Business and Product Development as well as Responsible Travel at a destination management company in Bali. In 2017 my wife and I finally started our own little adventure with Wise Steps Travel. We really love to make people, that is the travelers as much as the local communities happy with our responsible experiences.



The Wise Steps Travel is a colourful mix of personalities with each and everyone having their own identity and character. What we all have in common is, that we are entusiastic to create mind-opening and high quality experiences to serve our travelers while contributing to our environmental and social surroundings. As individuals we are constantly learning and growing with our challenges.







The Philosophy

Wise Steps wants to bring you one step closer whilst avoiding negative and maximising positive impacts. Our journeys are designed to leave a footprint where needed and reduce the footprint where ever possible. Our 5 E’s build the core of each product: Experience, Exchange, Education , Empowerment and Environment.

Wise Steps Travel's Mantra

Reduce negative footprints and leave positive footprints behind wherever possible

Wise Steps Without Footprint

  • Clear Waste Policies in our offices, during our journeys and when working with others.
  • Traveling only with small groups and individuals that have been briefed accurately we aim to control the cultural and social impacts on visited communities.
  • We are always striving to avoid any form of pollution and offset all of our clients’ CO2 Emissions and water footprint within Indonesia. We also offer our clients to offset their CO2 emission for their international flights.

Wise Steps With Footprint

  • Wise Steps ensures local participation on benefits from tourism.
  • Our activities aim for interactive educational impacts on both sides the visitors and the visited communities.
  • A portion of the profit of all of our journeys will be dedicated to support local initiatives, education and training projects, as well as to invite the visited communities to experience a ‘tour’ within their region.

Our Responsible Tourism Policy

In order to be transparent we, the Wise Steps Travel Team, have designed a comprehensive policy for our responsible tourism approach.

This is our minimum standard when it comes to designing unique experiences and journeys across Indonesia. This support our vision to make a real change through tourism in Indonesia.

Feel free to click here to read in detail what our Responsible Tourism Policy is about.