Why You Should Consider a Field Study Tour to Indonesia

Field Study Trip Indonesia

Choosing to undertake a field project or study trip on the Asian continent means giving students the chance to experience unique cultures and diverse landscapes. They will encounter people and places that will open their minds and help them see different perspectives, fostering learning and growth. But, of all the magical places to visit in Asia, where should go for your field study? 

Here are 5 reasons why we think you should consider a field study tour to Indonesia.

Location and geography

The archipelago of Indonesia lies between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. It is the largest island nation in the world, with over 17,000 islands spread over almost 2 million square kilometres of land. This unique geography gives visitors an instant feeling of awe upon arrival, which only deepens the longer they stay and the more they experience.

Fantastic flight connections to travel hubs like Jakarta and Bali from all over Europe and America also make Indonesia really easy to get to. This is just one of the perks of being one of the most popular tourist hubs in Asia. 


Indonesia’s geographic makeup has created one of the most diverse countries on earth. Landscape, culture, food and traditions vary from island to island and community to community. In just a few weeks you can explore tropical beaches and rainforests, bustling cities and remote villages, towering volcanoes and treasures deep under the ocean’s surface. Not to mention the varied people you meet along the way. This diversity means that no matter what the subject of interest or how many projects you are running, there’ll be a place in Indonesia perfect for you.

Rich in experience

Indonesia’s diverse natural landscapes and cultures offer rich experiences at every turn. Outside of field study time, students will have the opportunity for cultural exchange, thrilling adventure, and relaxation in some of the most beautiful places on this planet. All these encounters help to create a full experience that will better guide students’ understanding of their project. 

Students at Lake Toba during Study Tour and Field Project
Students at Lake Toba during Study Tour and Field Project

Step out of your comfort zone 

The greatest growth occurs at the edge of your comfort zone. The new experiences and points of view students will be exposed to in Indonesia will open their minds to deeper knowledge and understanding. This growth is exponential! The more new experiences you have, the more knowledge you gain and the more knowledge you gain, the more you wish to understand and seek out. 

Culture exchange
Culture exchange

Make an impact 

Indonesia’s communities are both in need of and ready for development. Islands across the region are forging ahead with development projects and have their arms wide open to those that can help them do so. Investing your time, resources and knowledge through student projects in Indonesia can help accelerate the growth already happening and make sure it affects generations to come. 

Study tour visit to the tourism site
Study tour visit to the tourism site

For us at Wise Steps Travel, Indonesia isn’t just our home. Indonesia is a beautiful, dynamic country full of creativity, culture and adventure that continues to inspire us to learn and grow each and every day. It is for these reasons and many more that we think Indonesia is the perfect location for university field projects or school trips.

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