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    Rural Entrepreneurship

    Tour Details

    As a country of incredible development and strong urbanization tendencies, Indonesia is a constantly changing archipelago. We have reached out to local organizations and small businesses with the target to build up villages and rural areas where young people can thrive and learn without seeking their fortune in the bustling towns.

    A study trip or excursion through the rural areas of Indonesia would not only enrich the students’ perspectives and support personal development but also allow them to compare the live styles in urban and rural areas.  Observations and interviews, as well as interactive experiences with local organizations or schools, can provide the bigger picture for a mindfull and eye-opening study tour in Indonesia.

    Potential Learning Objectives:

    • Personal Development & Self-awareness (outside of comfort zones)
    • Understand the differences of living in rural vs. urban areas
    • Intercultural competencies and communication skills
    • Gain metaperspective to the idea of urban and rural development


    Why you choose this package!

    • Relevant Global Topic
    • Customizable
    • Interactive
    • Great Learning Objectives
    All of our tours are customizable. In order to maximize the outcomes, we suggest planning for a minimum of 14 days.

    Local Specialists

    Our local facilitators will be very knowledgable and trained individuals that will be of value regarding the topic that is offered. We are coordinating in close contact with the supervisors of the educational institute.

    Additional Info

    • Person : 10 - 30 Persons
    • Availability : 35
    • Price : $
    • Location : Indonesia

    Need Help!

    This is merely a project topic suggestion, however, we can adapt to the students' curriculum and the needs of the educational institutes.

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