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    Are You Ready For A Memorable Trip In Solo?

    In this journey, you will explore Solo with a bicycle, learn many of Java’s traditional handcrafting such as Gamelan, Roof Tiles, Arak, and Traditional Cracker making. On the evening, you will enjoy a little Solo Cuisine Tour. On the second day, you will be firsthand to experience making your own ‘Batik‘, a traditional technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to a cloth.

    Have an active, insightful, yet super fun journey in Solo!


    Our Impact Journeys take you to places away from the tourist masses and allow you to discover amazing places and meet inspiring local champions. With an interesting mix of adventure, nature, community-based tourism and interactive project visits you can explore the beauty of Indonesia, your mind opens up toward new perspectives and you spend some fun time whether you travel individual. as couples, as a group or as a family. 

    And the best part, your journey creates some meaningful impacts for many locals and the environment. Send your enquiries now and we will be in touch with you!


    Please note that all of our tours are designed to be responsible and that 10% of our profits will be invested in local educational activities. The local community & project visits are supporting those communities directly. 

    All CO2 emissions caused in Indonesia are automatically set off by a forest conservation project in Semarang, Central Java.

    1,Arrival in Solo - Cycling through the local village

    Welcome To Solo! Solo, also known as Surakarta, is located in Central Java, a place with Javanese culture richness. On day one, our team will pick you up at your place in Yogyakarta and directly head off to Solo. As soon as we arrived, the fun begins with a cycling tour throughout the enchanting local village in Solo. This village is home of the traditional handcrafting such as Gamelan (Javanese musical instrument), roof tiles making, Arak (Javanese Liquor) making, and traditional cracker making. The cycling will go through a nice rice-field and you will be able to witness the local villager's daily activities through this trip. The excitement won't stop there. You will cross Bengawan Solo, the longest river in Java, by a bamboo-made canoe. Leaving Bengawan Solo, you'll have lunch at a local house. After a nice and fun activity, our team will bring you to experience the nightlife in Solo. Enjoy various kinds of traditional food as your treat for the night. Estimated Driving Time (Yogyakarta-Solo): 2 hours Activity Duration: 3-4 hours

    2,City Cycling Tour and Batik Course

    We will start our second day after a nice breakfast. Firstly, we'll get you to check out from Roemahkoe Solo and continue on with our journey on a bicycle. As a special activity for the day, we will get you to participate in a batik course at Batik Kaumann. It is the oldest central of Batik in solo. Batik Kaumann is known for their classic style, the Old Keraton Batik style. After the batik course, we will head back to Yogyakarta so you can continue with your next trip. Thank you for trusting us with your journey. Hope to see you soon! Estimated Driving Time (Solo-Yogyakarta): 2 hours Activity Duration: 3-4 hours

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    • Duration : 2 Days, 1 Night
    • Person : 2 Person
    • Price : $133
    • Location : Surakarta, Surakarta City, Central Java, Indonesia

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