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    Short Getaway To Nusa Penida

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    Ready for Nusa Penida short getaway?

    Known for its hilly topography, Nusa Penida is a small island with perfect bird’s eye view for captivating the scenery.  During this short getaway, you will learn many things about culture, nature, wild animals and compelling the beauty of Nusa Penida. Each day will leave you with memorable and valuable experiences. 

    Take all your essential and let’s cross the ocean!


    Our Impact Journeys take you to places away from the tourist masses and allow you to discover amazing places and meet inspiring local champions. With an interesting mix of adventure, nature, community-based tourism and interactive project visits you can explore the beauty of Indonesia, your mind opens up toward new perspectives and you spend some fun time whether you travel individual. as couples, as a group or as a family. 

    And the best part, your journey creates some meaningful impacts for many locals and the environment. Send your enquiries now and we will be in touch with you!


    Please note that all of our tours are designed to be responsible and that 10% of our profits will be invested in local educational activities. The local community & project visits are supporting those communities directly. 

    All CO2 emissions caused in Indonesia are automatically set off by a forest conservation project in Semarang, Central Java.

    1,Welcome to Nusa Penida!

    GETAWAY STARTS NOW! – Embark from Bali, we will cross the ocean heading to East as the destination island. Nusa Penida thrills you with the best scenery view. Here, your journey begins. We will take you to some places as an introduction to the island. Giri Putri Cave is the first to visit. Sacred temple inside the cave will leave you in awe. Its grandeur and an exquisite view of stalactite and stalagmite also take you into a spiritual nuance. Next one after having your lunch is Atuh beach. The beach is tidal. There is a big difference when the beach is in low tide and high tide. Yet, the beach with its offshore rocks is still an absolute perfection in both. After the journey, you will settle at a local lodge, located in a local impactful project called Friends of National Park Foundations (FNPF) in Nusa Penida. At night, there will be a sharing session with FNPF members. Then, you can take a rest and re-charge for tomorrow. Estimated boat time (Bali-Nusa Penida): 1 hour Estimated driving time: 1,5-2 hour

    2,Project Day & Excursion to Stunning Beaches

    Morning – we will take you to monitor the Starling bird species. This bird is one of the critically endangered species and endemic in Bali. This species is incredibly beautiful and you must take your chance to witness it by yourself. Afterwards, we will take you to a project tour at FNPF after breakfast. They will explain to you the projects that they are doing to the wild animals and nature and how can you help the program. Today’s activity will be followed by a visit to stunning beaches of Nusa Penida. You will visit Kelingking beach, Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong and see the sun sets in Crystal Bay beach. The crystal-clear ocean serves a breathtaking view. Let the wind blows your fatigue and weariness away. Estimated driving time: 2,5-3 hour

    3,Seaweed Farming Workshop and Departure

    Pack up your stuff as today we will head back to Bali. Yet before you do that, we will visit the Seaweed Farming workshop. You can join and help the farmers in its farming process. The farmers will teach you the process of seaweed farming and these cultivated crops are very necessary to help the locals’ income for living. You also can take a brief look at the natural soap making. They will let you understand how to preserve nature although you make something out of it. Next, you will have lunch and heading back to Bali by the fast boat. Estimated boat time (Nusa Penida-Bali): 1 hour Workshop activity time: around 2 hour Estimated driving time: 1,5-2 hour

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    • Duration : 3 Days, 2 Nights
    • Person : 2 Person
    • Price : $329
    • Location : Bali, Indonesia

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