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    If any country in the world is the perfect destination for an excursion or study trip focussed on natural science, it is Indonesia!

    Environmental challenges and opportunities can be found all across this diverse country. Whether we are talking about global challenges such as climate change or local solutions such as the waste banks run by local communities aim to provide livelihood and a chance to recycle waste. The sheer amount of islands and individual challenges and innovative solutions will not put any limits on a study tour in Indonesia.

    A study trip in natural science can support many learning objectives:

    • Personal Development & Self-awareness
    • Understanding of local and global environmental challenges and solutions
    • Learning about complex ecosystems and their local impacts
    • Awareness of environmental degradation
    • Conservation efforts and support


    Why you choose this package!

    • Customizable
    • Timeless Topic
    • Perfect Local Circumstances
    • Great Learning Objectives
    All of our tours are customizable. In order to maximize the outcomes, we suggest planning for a minimum of 14 days.
    Our local facilitators will be very knowledgable and trained individuals that will be of value regarding the topic that is offered. We are coordinating in close contact with the supervisors of the educational institute.

    Additional Info

    • Person : 10 - 30 Persons
    • Availability : 35
    • Price : $
    • Location : Indonesia

    Need Help!

    This is merely a project topic suggestion, however, we can adapt to the students' curriculum and the needs of the educational institutes.

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