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    Ubud – Insightful Woman’s Short Trip

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    Are you up to quality time in Bali?

    Two days, that is all you need!

    In this short journey, we will be focusing on women and only women. We will make your two days are fully set with knowledge and experience while you can still enjoy the pristine nature of Bali. The goal is to encourage and embrace all women who become part of this journey. 

    Setting in Ubud, the central Bali, your days are set to meet, learn and experience the culture and tradition of Balinese women. Through these, you will get to know how the core part of life, culture, and tradition blend in and affect the women’s life in Bali. Get to know more of strength, delicacy, and flair of women’s nature.  These are something you will absolutely not acquire by just scrolling the internet pages. 

    Be part of this journey and get the experience!


    Our Impact Journeys take you to places away from the tourist masses and allow you to discover amazing places and meet inspiring local champions. With an interesting mix of adventure, nature, community-based tourism and interactive project visits you can explore the beauty of Indonesia, your mind opens up toward new perspectives and you spend some fun time whether you travel individual. as couples, as a group or as a family. 

    And the best part, your journey creates some meaningful impacts for many locals and the environment. Send your enquiries now and we will be in touch with you!


    Please note that all of our tours are designed to be responsible and that 10% of our profits will be invested in local educational activities. The local community & project visits are supporting those communities directly. 

    All CO2 emissions caused in Indonesia are automatically set off by a forest conservation project in Semarang, Central Java.


    1,Herbal Class and Walk in Central Bali

    LET’S BEGIN THE DAY! – Bali, the island of pristine natures and cultural diversities. At the meeting point, our local representative will pick you up and take you to Ubud. Today you will have half of your day occupied with exciting and full of knowledge activities. You will walk along through the beautiful scenery in your surrounding while learning the natural plants and herbs. These plants are used by Balinese as medicine from generation to generation. Worry not! You will not only take a look at the herbs but you will get the chance to make your own Balinese herbal medicine such as traditional herbal drink, sore relief balm, body oil, hair oil and sunscreen. Having your half-day spent with the activities, organic and tasty lunch is awaiting you. The restaurant is located in the middle of the rice field where you can marvel the view as you enjoy the food. The day is followed by an early dinner in Ubud Central before you head off to enjoy a night steam sauna using natural herbs. Absorb the peace of the night by taking a dip into a natural saltwater pool in between of your sauna session. Have you experienced that before? If the answer is no, you better not miss this chance! Estimated driving time: 10 minutes

    2,Visit Impactful Woman Leading Foundation

    Spending your time to fully feed your knowledge for today. Today we will take you to Bumi Sehat Foundation as the starter. Here you will have sharing session and discussion about the foundation itself and have a meaningful sharing session about how human came to life and what its like to be a woman. Following activity is at Woman’s Center. It will take 15 – 20 minutes from the previous location to get there. This is a very inspiring opportunity as you will have a sharing session with local women, hear out their stories, and then you will join offering making class. Gardening is one of your list-to-do meanwhile you are there. It will absolutely wonderful to learn and encourage one another through your sharing and discussion session in those two places. Estimated driving time: 1,5-2 hour

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 2 Days, 1 Night
    • Person : 2 Person
    • Price : $190
    • Location : Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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