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A topic that is really affecting the world and is very present in Indonesia. Whether we travel to small remote villages or look at bustling towns every individual, organization or company is more or less affected either positively or negatively by globalization.

With solid local facilitation, we can consider the time frame of the globalization by interviewing or observing local communities and comparing to their live styles 40-60 years back. Certainly revealing!

A study tour that can literally take place in all areas of Indonesia with many learning objectives:


  • Personal Development & Self-awareness
  • Understanding of the velocity of globalization
  • Understanding of different interpretations and impacts of globalization
  • Intercultural communication competences
  • Changing the perspective into the side of a developing country

Why you choose this package!

  • Trending Topic
  • Customizable
  • Interesting
  • Great Learning Objectives
  • Transformative
All of our tours are customizable. In order to maximize the outcomes, we suggest planning for a minimum of 14 days
Our local facilitators will be very knowledgable and trained individuals that will be of value regarding the topic that is offered. We are coordinating in close contact with the supervisors of the educational institute.

Additional Info

  • Person : 10 - 30 Persons
  • Availability : 35
  • Price : $
  • Location : Indonesia

Need Help!

This is merely a project topic suggestion, however, we can adapt to the students' curriculum and the needs of the educational institutes.

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