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    There are numbers of archaeology sites and numerous ancient structures can be found all around Indonesia. Unfortunately, not so many studies has been conducted in related to this issue. If this is your interest and expertise, let’s discover the untold story of human activity and materials in Indonesia, together with our local experts or partners.

    The real focus is on exploring and research during this field project, hence the related learning objective are:


    • Intercultural communication¬†
    • Theoretical context applied with real conditions¬†
    • Formulate research questions
    • Actively sourcing knowledge
    • Documentation and Presentation¬†
    • Personal Development

    Why you choose this package!

    • Adventurous
    • Customizable
    • Interesting
    • Much Needed
    • Perfect Local Environment
    Prior to your arrival, Wise Steps Travel will share some information and insight about local condition and urgency so you may select an ideal research topic that fit with your requirement and also bring meaningful contribution to the local (and global) need. The information and insights are based on study gathered from local stakeholders. During your research, we will also lead you to experience the highlights of the destination. And by the end of your research journey, we will invite you to present your initial research findings and viewpoint to the local and national (if applicable) stakeholders.

    Local Expert and Facilitator

    Wise Steps Travel will introduce you to local institute or researcher on specific subject you wish to conduct. You will also be guided by our local facilitator who understand your need.

    Additional Info

    • Person : 10 - 30 Persons
    • Availability : 35
    • Price : $
    • Location : Indonesia

    Need Help!

    This is merely a project topic suggestion, however, we can adapt to the students' curriculum and the needs of the educational institutes.

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