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    Bali – Explore The North

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    Ready for a new insight of Bali?

    Less crowded than Central Bali, this journey will take you to Northern Part of Bali. You must love this journey if you wish to fulfil your hunger of knowledge and experience. Not only you will get the chance to immerse the beauty of the island, but you will also learn and be part of its people. Enthralling activities with the local will keep your excitement up all day long. Blend with the beauty, the culture and the diversity of North Bali and its local people. 

    Set yourself ready for it!


    Our Impact Journeys take you to places away from the tourist masses and allow you to discover amazing places and meet inspiring local champions. With an interesting mix of adventure, nature, community-based tourism and interactive project visits you can explore the beauty of Indonesia, your mind opens up toward new perspectives and you spend some fun time whether you travel individual. as couples, as a group or as a family. 

    And the best part, your journey creates some meaningful impacts for many locals and the environment. Send your enquiries now and we will be in touch with you!


    Please note that all of our tours are designed to be responsible and that 10% of our profits will be invested in local educational activities. The local community & project visits are supporting those communities directly. 

    All CO2 emissions caused in Indonesia are automatically set off by a forest conservation project in Semarang, Central Java.


    1,Head To North Bali

    HEADING NORTH! – Picked up from your hotel, we will drive you up to the northern side of Bali. First stop is Kintamani. Panoramic view of Mt. Batur from this viewpoint is perfect to start your journey. Then, we cater your lunch at Sari Organik. This restaurant serves toothsome meals while you are still able to enjoy the scenic view. After having lunch, we will continue the journey to Omunity, the place where you will spend the night. This eco-friendly accommodation is extremely soothing and serene. Explore the surrounding area by having the village tour and meet the weaving community near your accommodation. You will learn more about how the local people conserve their culture. At night, you will wrap the first day of the journey by having dinner at Rumah Intaran. Estimated total driving time: 2,5 hour

    2,Exploration Day: Waterfall Trekking - Snorkeling - Project Visit

    Gear up! In the morning, we will take you to one of the exquisite waterfalls in North Bali, Sekumpul waterfall. This might take time and a bit effort to get there yet the magnificent and refreshing waterfall is worth every drop of your sweat. Take a dip into the water, this will surely liven up your mood for today. Following activities take place in LINI Foundation. You will get the opportunity to explore the reef restoration site and construct an artificial structure. Afterwards, you will have time for snorkelling. This experience lets you fascinate yourself with the beauty of underneath. Besides that, you will get the chance to learn the traditional dance and how to play Gamelan, Indonesian traditional music instrument. Last but not least, dine with Sea Communities to close your day. Estimated driving time: 1,5 hour

    3,Sea Salt Farming & Departure

    Morning – visit the sea salt farming site with Sea Communities. You can join and help the farmers in the process of making sea salt. They will teach you the process of seaweed farming that these cultivated crops are very necessary to help the locals’ income for living. Additionally, you can also gain more insight knowledge on how to reduce the waste by recycling it. They will let you understand how to reduce the damage that will cost the earth. Estimated driving time: 3 hour

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    • Duration : 3 Days, 2 Nights
    • Person : 2 Person
    • Price : $363
    • Location : Bali, Indonesia

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