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    Java – from Beauty to Sovereignty

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    Indonesia has a long history of kingdoms, then after the Dutch colonization, there were only several Sultans left in Indonesia. Among the most respected ones in Java is the Sultan of Yogyakarta, as many Javanese believe he is a manifestation of the “unseen forces” of the universe. Health and body treatments are one of the most timeconsuming activities in the life of a Royal Family in Yogyakarta. The herbal medicines they use, known as Jamu, were not available for the public until the 1830s. Wise Steps Travel will take you on a journey of the royal family’s sacred formula of beauty. Learn, gain insights, and enjoy the beauty treatment directly from the royal’s affiliation.

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    • Authentic experience
    • Inspiring lessons-learned
    • Absolute leisure time
    Wise Steps Travel offers Multi-Day Packages including transfer, accommodation, spa, and workshops starting from 5 days up to 10 days. We craft your experience in Yogyakarta fit for your purpose and interest, starting from formulating herbal medicine that meets your special needs, learning the history of Java's aristocracy, until enjoying a royal family spa treatment.

    Local Facilitator and Herbalist

    You will be facilitated by a tour leader and a local herbalist or apothecary who will give you a detail explanation about the herbal medicine, as well as the royal family's affiliation who will give you a detail explanation about the history of Yogyakarta's royal family's sacred formula of beauty.

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    • Availability : 12
    • Price : $646
    • Location : Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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