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    Ready for the journey of your lifetime?

    Then let’s go and join our journey specifically designed for women that are seeking to explore, that want to widen their horizons, that are curious, that are adventurous, that want to do good or that simply want to be inspired.

    During this venturesome and mindful journey, you will get real insights from inspirational women throughout the two magnificent islands of Bali and Sumba. You will visit various local projects led by women and participate in multiple sharing sessions that will not only leave you with precious and memorable experiences but the profound feeling of having contributed something.

    You will be able to exchange knowledge with local female leaders or with participants from all over the world.

    And if that doesn’t sound appealing to you yet, we will blend in amazing landscapes, incredible nature and unique cultural encounters with a handful of lovely experiences and excursions.

    This mix of learning and leisure experiences will definitely enrich your senses and inspire your every day’s life.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you, please just contact us.



    Why you choose this package!

    • Adventurous
    • Mindful
    • Inspiring
    • Unforgettable
    • Unique

    1,Arrival in Bali - Welcome Dinner

    At your individual arrival time, our local representative will pick you up and take you to the Garden of Bali - the perfect place to relax and enjoy the lush natural surroundings.

    2,Relaxation and Purification in Bali

    This morning, you will discover the surroundings on a walking tour. Discover the neatly designed permaculture gardens and the waterfall close-by. Then join a local purification ceremony with local Balinese women. In afternoon time, stretch a bit during a nice yoga & meditation session follow with a 60 minutes Balinese massage.

    3,Jungle Trekking and Temple

    After a relaxed breakfast we leave to the mountains of Bali for a jungle trekking experience and a ride to cross a lake on a traditional canoe. Soak in the mystique atmosphere when the fog moves through the surrounding forests. At lunch time we will stop at a local restaurant owned by a local women’s coffee initiative where you enjoy some food and the nice views close to the waterfall. In the afternoon we proceed towards the north and drive along the coast to visit the “Little Borobudur” of Bali.

    4,Cooking Masterclass

    Starting the day right with a relaxed yoga/meditation session. After a relaxed morning, we will visit one of the most stunning waterfalls in North Bali on a small trekking tour. In the afternoon time, we will be visiting a nice place to experience an authentic cooking masterclass to learn about traditional ingredients, herbs and spices. Probably one of the most interesting places in Bali to learn in-depth about local food and the related traditions.

    5,Coral Reef and Ubud

    Today you will visit a local fishermen community, learn about coral reef rehabilitation and sustainable ornamental fishing projects, and get geared up for the fantastic underwater world. Afterwards, we will head to Ubud to have an evening free at leisure.

    6,Woman's and Birthing Center

    After a nice breakfast you will visit the woman’s center and learn about the traditional role of women in Bali, their daily tasks in family and community. Additionally, you will also visit a non-profit birthing center that supports women and babies in education and health care. The rest of the day is free at leisure and you can spend it your way!


    Today you may use your time to relax, enjoy your accommodations facilities or explore the charming town of Ubud with all its little shops and art galleries. Today belongs to you, and you should get ready for your next destination, Sumba, tomorrow.

    8,Bali to Sumba - Royal Dinner at Sumba

    We will take a morning flight to Sumba. Here is where the real adventure begins! Upon arrival, we will take you to have a little city tour to its beautiful and natural surroundings. In the evening, you will be warmly welcomed by the royal family to experience a royal dinner with local dishes and atmosphere. The Princess herself will share her story, about her daily life, and about the cultural challenges.

    9,Cycling Tour around Weaving Village

    Let's have a little hike this early morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. After a nice breakfast, you will cycle around the village. Feel the warm smile of local villagers, see their daily life activities, and stop by to greet and have a little chat with the locals. Along the way, we will visit weaving community and learn about the natural and traditional weaving process of Sumba. Along the way, we will visit weaving community and learn about the natural and traditional weaving process of Sumba.

    10,West Sumba

    Time to pack your bags to venture the western part of Sumba. To refresh and pamper yourself, we will have a stop in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Manupeu Tana Daru National Park area. Strech your legs on the small walking tour to the waterfall. As we reach your destination, we will check into your accommodation and the rest of the evening is free at your own leisure.

    11,Culture & Nature

    Time to explore the paradise of northwest Sumba. The first stop would be a stunning blue lagoon. Not far from the lagoon, there is a seaside with a pristine clear water where you will have your lunch with a local picnic style while gazing at the ocean. Afterwards, you will visit local village with spectacular architecture of traditional houses. Our guide will tell you more about the culture and the role of the women before we head off to a perfectly white sandy beach to kick back and relax a bit.

    12,Educational Projects and Cultural Evening

    Visit one of the most successful educational projects in Sumba and learn about their sustainable concept and buildings and the story behind the place. In a sharing session with the local students, you have the chance to ask questions or share some inspirations yourself to motivate the youngsters. After a nice lunch with everyone we will return to the hotel for some rest and time to relax or pack you bags for tomorrow before we leave for a little farewell dinner from Sumba. Enjoy a tasty food with traditional local dances and costumes. Certainly a nice cultural evening to say goodbye to Sumba.

    13,Sumba to Bali

    The morning is free at leisure and at an appropriate time, our team will take you to the airport to catch the flight back to Bali. Once we arrived in Bali, we will head to Sanur. The afternoon is free at leisure, relax, explore the surroundings or get another Balinese Massage. (optional) In the evening we will invite you for a farewell event and dinner by the beach. Let us together reminiscence about these incredible and inspirational experiences while the sea breezes cools us down and we enjoy fresh and tasty food and drinks.

    14,Sanur - Departure

    Here we come to our last day of this journey. Today, is all about prepare yourself to pack and travel back home or continue with another trip. Plan you day based on your preferences. See you on another valued thematic tour!

    Leny Herlin

    A young and passionate women that wants to show her country while making a difference for the local communities.

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    Additional Info

    • Duration : 14 Days, 13 Nights
    • Person : 12 Persons
    • Kids : None
    • Price : $$2259
    • Location : Bali, Indonesia

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