10 Popular Subjects for Field Study Trips in Indonesia

Study Trips in Indonesia

The 17,000 islands of Indonesia offer unparalleled diversity when it comes to field study trips in Asia. Each island contains unique cultures, landscapes, and experiences in which authentic experiential learning opportunities exist for students of many natural and social sciences. Whether your students study geography, fashion or tourism, there is an island and an Indonesia study trip that is perfect for your project.

Subjects for Field Projects and Study Trips in Indonesia

Anthropology Trips in Indonesia

The Flores Tribe
The Flores Tribe

Among its 17,000 islands, Indonesia has at least 300 ethnic groups, more than 700 languages, and numerous traditional belief systems. Studying sociocultural anthropology in Indonesia could take you to the remote tribes of Papua Western New Guinea or to South Sulawesi to learn about Animism and ancestral rituals of the Toraja. 

Tourism Research in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most visited countries in Asia and its island geography makes it an extremely interesting place to study tourism in Asia. Travel to Bali and learn first-hand the effects of over-tourism and the results that a sustainable approach to travel is having in certain areas of the island. 

Healthcare Field Projects in Indonesia

Approximately half of Indonesia’s islands are inhabited and more than half the population live on just one island, Java. For those small communities living on remote islands in the archipelago, life is very different to the city-dwellers in Jakarta. It is in these places that visiting medical students can have the most impact on Indonesia’s healthcare projects.

Economy & Entrepreneurship Projects in Indonesia

When it comes to entrepreneurship in Asia, Bali is considered a world-renowned hub of creativity and innovation. This entrepreneurial spirit can be seen everywhere from the digital sector to tourism and development and is certainly not isolated to just one island. Students studying economics and development can collaborate with start-ups across the region to learn how entrepreneurship is changing this developing nation. 

Fashion & Textiles Trips in Indonesia

Natural Ikat Weaving in Sumba
Natural Ikat Weaving in Sumba

Fashion and Textiles students travelling to Indonesia can study the traditional methods and uses of Batik in Yogyakarta or Ikat weaving in Flores and Sumba, and then experience the modern fashion movement in Bandung, Java. Like other aspects of culture in Indonesia, travel around and you’ll find more traditional textiles and dress unique to each island. 

Marine Biology Research in Indonesia

The archipelago of Indonesia sits on the famous Coral Triangle, one of the most diverse ocean habitats on earth. From coral reef restoration to turtle conservation, there is plenty to discover and learn on a marine biology study trip in Indonesia. 

Renewable Energy Projects in Indonesia

In Eastern Indonesia, the island of Sumba has launched an ambitious goal to have achieved 95% electrification by 2020 with 65% coming from renewable sources. Travel to Sumba on a renewable energy study trip and become a part of this energy revolution, providing knowledge and skills in return for hands-on field experience. 

Waste Management Research in Indonesia

The Balinese are very proud to be one of the first islands in Indonesia to put a total ban on plastic bags. Yet, overall, Indonesia remains the second biggest ocean polluter in the world. Waste management research in Indonesia will help us in this critical point in our development, where we are racing into the future and striving to do so sustainably for both ourselves and our planet. 

Geology Field Projects in Indonesia

Indonesia’s 139 volcanoes are a literal hotbed of activity, with less than 15 of them lying dormant. From Java to Sumatra to Lombok, a geology trip to Indonesia will offer you a chance to experience the power and ferocity of volcanos up close. There is nothing quite like the adventure of hiking on an active volcano.

Sunrise on the Kelimutu Crater Lake
Sunrise on the Kelimutu Crater Lake

Archaeology Trips in Indonesia

With its long and rich history, spread out and diversified over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a veritable treasure-trove for archaeologists. From early human fossils to ancient Buddhist temples, archaeology trips to Indonesia will uncover some of the most remarkable discoveries in human history. 

Learning the history of Hindu in Bali
Learning the history of Hindu in Bali

These 10 subjects for field study trips in Indonesia are just a selection of the most popular field projects in the region. You could also visit Bali to study the incredible examples of ancient and modern architecture. Gender studies students can explore women’s empowerment within local communities. Those with an interest in theology can understand the unique mix of religions and traditions that exist across the country. 

Indonesia, in all its diversity, is an incredible place to bring students for a field study trip. Choose to run your project in Indonesia and you will be rewarded with a wealth of experiences and learning opportunities both academically and personally.

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