Electrifying Journeys

To really show you what Field Study Trips with Wise Steps Travel can look like, we want to highlight one of our newest field projects: Electrifying Journeys.

Electrifying Journeys are specialised kind of Field Study Trip in Indonesia with a focus on renewable energy. Together with visiting students, the field project will equip local communities in Indonesia with access to green energy. This exciting field project in Indonesia is perfect for those studying renewable energy or community development.

As with every Wise Steps Travel Field Study Trip in Indonesia, the specific project will depend on budget and preferences. We have created a three-tiered system of support to choose from in order for you to understand exactly how your time, skills and funding can support a community in Indonesia.

Impact Lives

The Impact Lives Electrifying Journey will equip a village with a basic PV solar set-up that powers a water pump and filtration system.

This project will give the village instant access to clean and safe water. The village will benefit from improved health and sanitation, as well as time saved on fetching water.

The installation and material costs of this project are in the range of $2,500-6,000.

Impact Communities

The Impact Communities Electrifying Journey provides a school or a village with basic electrification through a PV solar system.

This project will give the village or school light and power throughout the day. The impact of energy introduction is far-reaching and can be difficult to imagine when we are so used to power at the touch of a button. Here are just a few examples of how this can impact a community:

  • Providing light will help students and communities make the most of their evenings, fostering learning and social interaction
  • Powering electronics will save people time and money, as well as give them access to information (most rural people have phones but cannot always keep them charged).

The installation and material costs of this project are in the range of $8,000-15,000.

Impact Economies

The Impact Economies Electrifying Journey will equip local factories and small enterprises with a PV Solar setup for electrification.

This project can improve the efficiency of local businesses and industry, providing more jobs and saving thousands of people time and money. More jobs outside of the agricultural sector give locals more opportunities to grow and take a step out of the poverty cycle.

The installation and material costs of this project are in the range of $20,000-25,000.




How we ensure sustainability with Electrifying Journeys

Long-term Partnerships

When we undertake electrification with a visiting university, we also bring in a local Indonesia university to assist. This partnership means that local students can revisit the village, school or business each year or semester and provide continued support and education.

Training and Maintenance

At least one individual in the school, location or business is singled out for intensive training on maintaining the solar system and they have direct access to people in our team for further support if problems arise.


As well as Field Study Trips, Wise Steps Travel runs a project for bringing skilled volunteers to Indonesia. For Electrifying Journeys, this may be engineers who can come over to help repair or extend the life of installed panels and systems.

Electrifying Journeys in Action

We recently partnered with Alva Energi who is working with the National University of Singapore to bring a 1.2kwp PV solar system to a village in Sumba, East Indonesia. This setup, connected to a 7.2kwh battery bank provides light and power to 19 households, the communal toilets and the community hall.

If you are looking for a field project in the area of community development or renewable energy and would also like to experience the beauty and charm of Indonesia, get in touch today to plan your own Electrifying Journey.

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