Tour Operator and Legal Entity of the Data Protection Policy

Commercial Name: Wise Steps Travel (referred to as ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘we’)

CEO & Founder:   Aditiyani Masita
Address:                  Jalan Cikini Raya, No. 62, Blok I, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Website:                   www.wisestepstravel.com

Wise Steps Travel is a responsible travel company and will do its best to make sure your data is safe and you don’t have to worry when visiting our website. Even though this company is not based in the European Union we want to offer our experiences in Indonesia to EU-citizens and we believe data protection regulations should be valid internationally. Everyone has the right to protect her/his data or understand how her/his data is used.
Within this document we will explain how and what data we generate and how this data is used and stored within the company. 

1. Google Analytics General Data Collection via the Website
When visiting our website there will be a window with our ‘Data Collection Policy’ popping up to give visitors the choice to opt out and deny data collection. If agreed to the Data Collection Policy, it will allow us to collect anonymized data of the website’s visitor via Google Analytics an online service provide for data analyzes from Google Inc. Google Analytics uses ‘Cookies’, little files saved on the visitor’s computer to enable analyzing the behavior of visitors on our website. Collected data will be transmitted to and saved at the Google Analytics Server located in the United States of America (USA). IP-Addresses of visitors coming from the EU-member states (or other European countries that signed the General Data Protection Regulation Agreement) will be cut and only fragments of the IP-Address will be saved and transmitted to the server. The visitor’s IP-Address will only in special cases transferred to the USA first and then cut there.
Google Analytics will use the collected data to analyze the use of our website and other information related to online service providers linked to our website in order to file reports, accumulating the results that are requested by Wise Steps Travel.
The IP-Address collected by Google Analytics will not be amalgamated with other data of Google. Should visitors prefer that there are no cookies saved they have the choice to change the settings of their Browser – Software. However, we have to advise that in this case the content of the website might be able to be displayed at its full extent.
Furthermore, visitors can avoid that their data (including the IP-address) is being collected and saved by Google in connection of the use of our website. In that case, there is a Browser-Plugin available to download if you follow this link https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en
More information about policies, terms and conditions of Google can be found here:
Google Analytics Terms of Service prohibits the collection of personally identifiable data such as name, email address, or billing information, which means data that is collected cannot and will not be attributed to a real person or to any customer of Wise Steps Travel.

Data that is collected:
• Time of visit, pages visited, and time spent on each page of the webpages
• Referring site details (such as the URI a user came through to arrive at this site)
• Type of web browser
• Type of operating system (OS)
• Network location and IP address.
• clicks on links leading to external websites
• errors when users fill out forms
• clicks on videos
• scroll depth, behavior on the website
• interactions with site-specific widgets.
• Demographic data (gender, approximate age range, location, language)This Data allows Wise Steps Travel to learn about visitors and improve the offer presented in a more relevant and applicable manner. Data collected and presented to us by Google Analytics will be only used internally and not passed onto to any third party.However, we reserve the right to control the collected data if there are any suspicions related to the abuse of our offer or content.

2. Data Collection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
On the Wise Steps Travel are multiple ways to contact us, talk to us, send us inquiries or requests. Visitors can voluntarily choose to fill out these sections with their personal data including first and second name, phone number, the email address, preferences and interests, other general or specific information provided by the visitor. Only data that is provided by the visitor will be collected.

3. Processing of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
Collected Personal Identifiable Information is stored and used to get in touch with the visitor to mainly respond to requests, send newsletters or other information related to the visitor’s inquiry. This information will be safely stored in our google drive files only accessible to employees of Wise Steps Travel that signed a Non-disclosure Agreement in advance. Wise Steps Travel in the function as a tour operator provides services such as organizing transportation or accommodation where it is essential to work with third party suppliers and forward your data and information necessary for providing these services (i.e. phone number, full name, passport number, gender, origin etc.). This information is only stored, processed and handed over to third parties in the event of a booking with Wise Steps Travel. Should we process a booking for our clients we usually safe the information for a maximum of two years and then remove most of the sensitive information (i.e. passport copy, bank details). We might need to keep email addresses and contact information for our data base.
Newsletter / Updates – Stay in Touch
Should the visitor choose to subscribe on Wise Steps Website, the email address, IP address and the date / time of the subscription will be registered in case of abuse of your email. We will use your contact details only for the purpose of sending you updates and/or newsletters and will add your details to our internal data base. This information will not be handed over to third parties.
In order to avoid abuse of the visitor’s email address we use a so-called “double opt-in” function where an email will be sent to the visitor to confirm the email address after subscribing on our website.
Should the visitor choose to unsubscribe to this newsletters / updates he or she can always send an email to hello@wisestepstravel.com and we will remove the information immediately.

4. Forwarding your Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
We only forward our clients data in order to fulfill our agreement or contract with our clients (i.e. booking, payments etc.).In the event of a booking we forward the client’s data to our trusted suppliers i.e. local agencies, accommodation, transport, local airlines and tour guide.In relation to our Newsletter we forward the client’s data only to our service provider for newsletter.
We might use service provider for payments and invoicing (i.e.PayPal) where we need to forward your data in order to fulfill our service agreement.
The data will only be forwarded to state institutions and government in compliance with local law and order. In any other case we are not handing out personal identifiable data to any third parties and keep it protected within Wise Steps Travel.

5. Use of third party services or content
Wise Steps Travel is using services of third party service providers in order to successfully and attractively offer our products to our potential clients. For example, when displaying a video on our website that is embedded with youtube.com. When visitors of our website click on the video it essential to transfer your IP address to the third-party supplier in order to display or play content adequately.Wise Steps Tavel is trying its best to use only third-party suppliers that only require the visitor’s IP Address to display content, however we cannot influence the supplier not to save your IP Address. If we do have knowledge about it we will advise our clients and website visitors.

6. Additional Information
Apart from the points mentioned above we are not collecting any personal data.We are not combining personal identifiable information with anonymized data collected at www.wisestepstravel.com.Customers & visitors have the right to request any personal data about them and are able to make changes to, lock or delete their collected data. Exception: Saving the data is essential based on local law and business obligations. In this case it can be requested to lock the data and it will be saved securely in our files. If there is no conflict with local law and government we will be able to delete personal data if requested.

7. Amendments to this General Data Protection Regulation
In order to always include the latest regulations and policies we reserve the right to change this policy at any given moment. Amendments can also be made in case we decide to change or add service providers. The updated version will be effective at the very next visit of our website