What are the benefits of a field study trip to Indonesia?

Benefits of Field Study Trips to Indonesia

The way that Wise Steps Travel operates ensures that there are always mutual benefits of a study trip to Indonesia. We aim to make sure that every study trip or field project is benefitting everyone involved. That includes students, both international and local, as well as the local communities and the universities themselves. We also aim for longterm benefits, making sure that the learning accomplished on-site impacts students and communities long after the return trip home. 

Here are a few of the most important benefits of a field study trip to Indonesia.

Field Study Trip Benefits for International & Local Students

What makes a field study trip so special is that it has the power to benefit both international and local students in numerous ways. If today’s students are the future, then a study tour to Indonesia is investing in your future! 

Travelling overseas for a study trip means boosting students cross-cultural competencies and communication skills. This is especially true when students are visiting remote areas of Indonesia where there is more of a language barrier.

International students will learn to cope outside of their comfort zone and both will learn about different cultures and perspectives, helping to broaden their minds and widen their horizons.  

Of course, the knowledge and skill exchange between the local and international students is one of the most important parts of a field study trip and will be all the more memorable seen from these new perspectives. 

Students will also gain practical experience in the field to deepen their understanding of their subject, turning theory into reality. For many field projects, Indonesia may be one of the best places for students to get such an immersive experience. This is certainly true for students studying development, tourism, and many more subjects. 

An exchange between international and local students
An exchange between international and local students

How Universities or Schools Benefit from Field StudyTrips to Indonesia

Choosing Indonesia as your base for field study trips means the university or school benefits from shared knowledge and skills between local partner institutes. And at the same time as improving students’ success in the subjects, it means making a social and environmental impact that is recognised internationally.

An exciting Indonesia study tour is also an incredibly attractive bonus for new students searching for the right university. With a field study trip to Indonesia, you’ll also be introducing your university to a wider group of international students.

Presentations to stakeholders
Presentations to stakeholders

How Local Communities Benefit from Field Study Trips to Indonesia

The benefits of cultural and knowledge exchange for local communities is fostered through sharing sessions and stakeholder meetings, on top of the daily interaction with international students. Sharing the skills and knowledge learnt from the field projects with every member of the community is an important part of the long-term impact of the Wise Steps Travel program.

We have already seen how these skills and knowledge gained from field projects has given locals the confidence to begin related projects and share their experiences with others.

Depending on the field project, communities may also benefit from physical developments such as improved sanitation, a new source of energy or a healthcare facility. 

Renewable energy project
Renewable energy project

Wise Steps Travel Field Study Trips are carefully designed to bring maximum benefits to visiting students and universities, alongside the students, institutes and communities that host them in Indonesia. Contact us to find out more.

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