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3 Must Visit Festivals in Ubud

festival in ubud

The name Ubud comes from “Ubad”, the ancient Balinese word that means medicine as the place is generous with medicinal plants and herbs. Ubud is also said to be a place of spiritual inspiration, where travelers can find not only the benefits of Balinese traditional medicines but also the ultimate spa and wellness. Besides them,.

Wise Steps Group’s Achievements in 2022

Wise Steps Group’s Achievements in 2022

What a progressive year! That is what we could agree to describe the year 2022 in one sentence. In conjunction, our President, Joko “Jokowi” Widodo officially ended the COVID-19 PPKM Policy a month ago, two days before 2022 ended. As a socio-preneur, Wise Steps Group focuses on entering the year 2023 with new, more holistic,.

Easy Ways to Avoid Food Waste When Traveling

Food Waste

Enjoying food is an essential part of any travel experiences. Unfortunately, research indicates that travellers tend to waste 8% more food than they do at home (Li et al., 2019). About 244 million tonnes food waste are produced annually only from food services (UNEP Food Waste Index, 2021). The role of food in tourism is.

Must-try Indonesia’s Superfood

tempe - Indonesian food

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, healthy lifestyle has become very important to keep our immune system strong. Being mindful in what we eat is one of the main solutions to stay fit, not only during everyday life, but most importantly during traveling when we are surrounded by all that delicious food that is hard to resist..

Borders are open

Pandemic has brought (at the very least) many uncertainties these past few years for all of us. Besides affecting the lives of hundreds of millions it also had a very devastating impact on the tourism sector. When almost all international arrivals in Indonesia came to a full halt, the fight for existence for a lot.