Wise Steps Travel was established in 2017 as a local social travel enterprise. Our ambition is to show our guests the real Indonesia and create unique journeys that benefit local communities and protect natural resources. Our vision is to enrich the traveler’s mind and support local livelihood. We welcome YOU to be part of this vision.


Meet our lovely team

Selma Asriani

Mentari Adriani
Product & Operations

Seprian Setiawan
Digital Marketing & Design

Matteo Bierschneider
CEO & Founder


Reduce Negative Footprints

  • Clear Waste Policies in our offices, during our journeys and when working with others.
  • Traveling only with small groups and individuals that have been informed adequately we aim to control the cultural and social impacts on visited communities.
  • We are always striving to avoid any form of pollution and offset all of our clients’ CO2 Emissions and water footprint within Indonesia. We also offer our clients to offset their CO2 emission for their international flights.

Increase Positive Footprints

  • Wise Steps ensures local participation on benefits from tourism and empowers local communities.
  • Our activities aim for interactive educational impacts on both sides the visitors and the visited communities.
  • A portion of the profit of all of our journeys will be dedicated to support Wise Steps Foundation with their program for, education, employment and entrepreneurship in tourism.

Our Responsible Tourism Policy

If you want to learn more about how Wise Steps Travel is doing its best to reduce the negative impacts of travel and maximize the positive ones feel free to download our Responsible Tourism Policy by clicking on the button below. We would love to hear your input!



Tourism is a multi-level sector which is why Wise Steps Group created an integrated solution that tackles challenges at industry, community and governmental level through Wise Steps Travel, Wise Steps Foundation and Wise Steps Consulting. This set up allows us to understand the customer and industry needs, create relevant solutions at community level and advise companies and destinations to develop feasible and sustainable strategies to safeguard Indonesia’s cultural and natural diversity.