5 Reasons To Choose Homestays For Your Next Trip & Where To Find Them In Indonesia

Homestay in Indonesia

Here at Wise Steps Travel we believe that travel to Indonesia should be as enriching and as meaningful as possible. When it comes to experience the authenticity of each destination across the archipelago, we think to stay at a homestay is a great way to contribute to your experience. So here are some reasons why homestay is a perfect choice of accommodation and some hints for you to find the best homestays in Indonesia:

1. Support the local economy

With a homestay, you are benefiting an individual or community rather than a multinational chain, if you stay at a hotel. Your stay creates an alternative source of income for the locals and the money spent stays in Indonesia. In Dieng, the highest village on the island of Java, for example, the residents and the village government agreed not to allow big hotel chain investments to operate there. Instead, they clean up and prepare comfortable homestays for visitors that supports the villagers. 

2. Perfect for solo travelers

Solo traveling can be an exciting, yet daunting experience. If you plan to have one, stay in a host family could make you have friends already. They can introduce you to other people and help you to create a happy travel itinerary. In a homestay, you will get to know the destination through the eyes of the locals.

3. Improve language skills

If you plan to visit remote destinations in Indonesia, many hosts inevitably speak English. However, this is a great opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of the local language and learn some new local phrases. Staying with a host family allows you to practice your language skills in a real-life environment. Even if you make a few mistakes, trying to communicate will help you create a bond with your host and the people you meet on your trip and gives you insights beyond the standard traveler.

4. More memorable & authentic experiences

A host family might offer you the chance to get to know a destination you probably would not find on the tourist map. They will give you the scoop on the hidden highlights and unusual attractions. They might share the best place to watch the sunrise or the best place to eat and drink. Additionally, they can suggest things to do and places to see from a local’s perspective.

5. Build friendships

When you stay with a host family, you meet real and genuine people. By getting to know them you will make memories you could not get from any other kind of accommodation like hotels. So, you will have the chance to come home with new friendships and certainly a good excuse to return to Wonderful Indonesia.

Here are some hints for homestays in Indonesia:

  • Adiluhung Homestay, Bantul, Yogyakarta: the homestay offers a 24-hour front desk, to make your visit even more pleasant. They ensure every traveler who stays with them will experience everything Bantul has to offer.
  • Bunga Homestay, Banjarnegara, Central Java: located near Sikunir Hill, one of the best places to watch a golden sunrise in Indonesia.
  • Suweden Homestay, Tabanan, Bali: the concept of Suweden Homestay makes visitors closer to residents where they can learn about the Subak system and experience the authentic Balinese culture.
  • Teratai 3 Homestay, Kuningan, West Java: located in Pasawahan District, one of the leading tourist destination, where you can visit Kuningan Botanical Gardens and Cibuntu Tourism Village. Cibuntu Tourism Village is appreciated as the 2nd best national Tourism Village.
  • Suheri Homestay, Central Java: the homestay won an award for “ASEAN Homestay Award 2017” together with four other homestays.
  • Musa Homestay, Sumba: Musa and his wife built this homestay right next to one of the best beaches in Western part of Sumba.
  • Silimalombu Eco Village, North Sumatra: visitors can come as volunteers on a great organic farm and produce their own food together with the host during their stay.
  • Gombal’s Fishermen Homestay, North Bali: this homestay gets you closer to Balinese culture and traditions. Visitors can contribute to re-forest the coral reef in front of the shore.

For more inspirations, go and check Homestay.com Website  <https://www.homestay.com/indonesia>. This legit website can help you to find a perfect homestay in Indonesia based on your needs and location OR Homesweethome.travel Website <https://www.homesweethome.travel/>. This website ensures every booking supports the locals 100% and leaves positive impacts.

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