5 Eco-Friendly Workshop Ideas to Join when You Are in Bali

5 Eco Friendly Workshop Ideas to Join when You Are in Bali

If you plan to solo travel in Bali and would love to meet new people, joining a workshop or class could be one of the great ideas. Other than you learning new skills, who knows the workshop could probably bring you to another passion. So why not try to sign up and join these 5 eco-friendly workshops in Bali? 

  1. I Nyoman Warta Batik Class

Owned by a family, Nyoman, and his son, Wayan taught the class directly. Located in Central Ubud, this batik class is open for all ages, individuals, and small groups. Do not worry if you have no experience or are a newbie artist, Nyoman and Wayan are happily guiding you along the way from beginning to end.

Follow @nyoman_warta for more information. 

I Nyoman Warta Batik Class
  1. Buana Alit

Buana Alit offers a unique workshop on how to recycle papers and turn them into aesthetic crafts. Most of the workshops are open classes with limited participants, so this could be a great idea to meet new friends while you are in Bali.

Follow @buanaalit.arts for more information.

  1. Pagi Motley

If you have an interest in fashion, textiles, dye techniques, and so forth, you should join this sustainable workshop located in Buleleng, North Bali. I Made Andika Putra, the Founder with an experience in natural coloring for 20 years has been running Pagi Motley since 2019. The place offers a sustainable workshop about solid dye, dip dye, leather dye, piece dye, and tie dye where all materials used are derived from plants.

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  1. Jamu Sehati

Learn how to make your own delicious Jamu, the Indonesian traditional drink since ancient times with Jamu Sehati. Located in Central Ubud, Jamu Sehati offers a workshop where you will learn everything about Jamu from the introduction until you make your own. You might be surprised how the locals have been consuming and trusting Jamu for ages for their health benefits. 

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  1. Climate Change hosted by Wise Steps Travel

Why not get yourself back to nature for a while and understand Bali’s agrarian way of life? By joining one of our itineraries, Climate Change hosted by Wise Steps Travel together with Astungkaraway is an open activity for everyone who wants to experience hands-on the most fundamental of human activities: farming. Here, you will meet new people, learn new things from the locals, and reconnect with the food that you eat, what it means to be close to the source of food and the cycles of nature.  

Follow @wisestepstravel for more information.

By: Felike Ongkosoewito, Product Development & Management

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