Wise Steps Group’s Achievements in 2022

Wise Steps Group’s Achievements in 2022

What a progressive year! That is what we could agree to describe the year 2022 in one sentence. In conjunction, our President, Joko “Jokowi” Widodo officially ended the COVID-19 PPKM Policy a month ago, two days before 2022 ended.

As a socio-preneur, Wise Steps Group focuses on entering the year 2023 with new, more holistic, and innovative ideas. In the meantime, as the demand for traveling increases globally, Wise Steps Travel is ready to welcome and accommodate requests from those who wish to travel and experience the beauty of Indonesia.

Since Wise Steps Travel established, we have had a long commitment to use the power of responsible tourism to positively change the tourism industry and people’s lives in Indonesia. Wise Steps Travel could not stand alone without the Wise Steps Consulting and Wise Steps Foundation, where every one of us works on an integrated solution that tackles challenges at the industry, community, and governmental levels differently.

This year, Wise Steps Group would also like to present Wise Academy, an online learning platform and community for sustainable education in tourism that is brand new and currently in building.

Finally, we proudly published our 2022 Annual Report available in dual languages, both English and Bahasa Indonesia. We would like to thank every partner that we successfully collaborated with last year and hope to collaborate with more impactful organizations in 2023. Feel free to reach us for more information and partnerships.

Click here for 2022 Annual Report (English)

Click here for 2022 Annual Report (Bahasa Indonesia)

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