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Why Travel With Us

Our products are chosen wisely and created to benefit the visitors as well as the visited community at a fair share. Next to supporting local educational initiatives we ensure participation of local communities and actively promote as well as practice environmental friendliness.

Our professional expertise and extensive local network allows you to get one step closer to the authentic Indonesia. Locally trained tour guides will enhance your experiences with insights beyond the highlights. We personally inspected all destinations we are offering which allows us to advise you as best as possible about local conditions.

Our dedicated contact person will support you during every step of your unique journey. Starting from the preparations and the organisation of your stay until the post processing and feedback after returning back home. We ensure personal service that will make a difference for your experience Indonesia.

When selecting local partners and creating products your safety is our utmost concern. Our set of cleanliness, health and safety standards and the fact that we have visited all the destinations allows us to better manage risks and get you back home safe and sound.


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Customer Testimonials

“We just arrived home and wanted to say thank you Wise Steps Travel for such an amazing trip.”

Jaqueline T.
Visited Bali & Flores

“There was ample time to travel between between places despite our travel plans being in high season and our trip went very smoothly. We planned our Honeymoon with Wise Steps Travel and all of our accommodations are arranged with cute and small romantic touches.”

“Thank you Wise Steps Travel, we are really enjoying our trip in Sumba until now, friendly people, nice places, delicious food & great program.”

“We had a great time in Bali. Great planning, very nice guides and you see the traditional Bali, not only the tourist attractions. They also care a lot about sustainability, to save the beautiful nature in Bali. We would definitely do it again! ?.”